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Wow, this has been a rough couple of weeks. After working hard trying to finish my projects for the month before the start of my new semester, the worst has happened: my iMac crashed. I don't know how or why, but the only thing I know is that I was stupid enough to not to backup most of my recent work, from school to commissions. Almost an entire year's worth of work, stuck behind a white screen. And just in time for school too, when i need it the most.

I took the computer to repair, so for now I'm using my brother's Macbook. However, that meant that ONCE AGAIN, I'll be behind in my Street Fighter V Monthly. I'm also missing on some gifts I wanted to send to some friends, so I apologize from the bottom of my heart. Finally, what sucks the most is that I can no longer use my Mustek A3 1200 s Scanner, because OSX Maverick is too goood to use an old TWAIN based scanner that isn't a Brother or an Epson! God, no wonder my friends keep telling me to switch to PC!!!

As of now, until I can get the hang of working on this shitty OS and making sure I can get most of my programs back, I'm out of commission in terms of...well commissions. And probably traditional art in terms of using them as drawings for digital work. I pray to God that my iMac can be fixed or barring that, my data can be retrieved ;_;

Man, this is gonna be a rough February
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Carlos Abdu
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Favourite genre of music: Video Game music, J-Rock, Rock, Rap, Jazz, Techno
Favourite style of art: Anime, kinetic style; animation style
MP3 player of choice: Jet Set Radioooooo!!!
Favorite Shell:....COWABUNGA!! :D
Wallpaper of choice: Teenage Mutant Ninja Kombatants
Favourite cartoon character: Leonardo...BEST TURTLE EVER!!! Sonic is a bit second.
Personal Quote: BOOMSTICK!

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Farewell, Freedom Fighting Friends
Ahh man...I can't believe it happened.

After so much speculation, so much false hope, it has been confirmed that the chaarcter that has been teased for weeks was NOT Sally Acorn or anyone from the long-beloved Archie

And with that, went any of my enthusiasm for the comic (honestly though, being a Sonic Forces follow up deflated those hopes looong before the the rest of my enthusiasm?)

And enthusiasm for Sonic in general. 

I know...I KNOW! I've said this before a billion times, and every time, I find my way back to Sonic with less and less welcome arms. But my soul grows more and more weary of supporting a franchise, nay, a company who continually steps all over my long years of fan loyalty and refuses to acknowledge their long and storied history in order to constantly keep appealing to younger and younger demographics. I'm also tired of them falling back on band-aid solutions to big problems, ignoring other issues that constantly keep biting them in the rear, not using outside resources to gain a bigger foothold on international markets and just always picking the easy routes to success.

That's the history of SEGA in a nutshell: short term ambitions, long term consequences. Well, unless their next project is Sonic in Jet Set Radio land, the hell with SEGA and to hell with Sonic.

I mean, being real, I'm not really that much of a Sonic fan if I say the only thing that appealed to me about the franchise where the Archie comics.

So for now, consider this my last Sonic pic for the rest of the year....which is sad because I have much more and I wanted to do more. I'm sure, there will be something in the universe that pulls me back into the spiral of blue hedgehog addiction, hopefully later rather than sooner. However, for the time being, don't expect much Sonic art work on this gallery...which means there is going to be a lot less of you coming around these days.

Don't worry. I'll try to fill this gallery's need for fast-paced heroes somehow...

With that, I say....

Rest Well, Rotor Walrus.
Au Revoir, Monseuir Antoine.
Y'all take care, Bunnie Rabbot.
console.log('I'll miss you ${Nicole}')

and...So long dear Princess Sally Acorn. The Freedom Fight is over....for now

The Freedom Fighters is ®SEGA (though lord knows they'll never use them again)
Hey guys, quick update. I have commissions opened up for this week for limited slots and I opened up a Ko-Fi page. 

Does that mean I'm a real artist now? Or do I still not have enough followers to beg people to save me from poverty?
The original deviation has been deleted
Happy B-Day Tails2017
Small little sketch I did to honor Tails' birthday last week.

Here' to everyone's favorite Second Banana not wearing Green. The best hypercompetent sidekick and little brother a super fast, narcissistic needlemouse can ask for.

That two-tailed ass belongs to SEGA
[FAN-ART] Eggatha Omlette a.k.a Eggette
Oh yeah....of course I had to draw HER! The fan-character sensation that swept the nation when Sonic Mania was running wild.

By now you should already know the story, but just in case: Twitter user Alpha Gamboa saw that the upside-down Eggman Boss Sprite from Launch Base Zone boss fight looked a bit like a person, and after a bit of creative fenagling, came up with the character of The ProtoEGGé...or Eggette...or Eggatha...or Omlette.

Depending on who you ask. From the title, you can tell I like to use all three fan names. Either way, a fan sensation is born

She's a cute little sassy tyke of adorable evil ambition, who is Eggman's daughter/niece/intern and wants to capture Sonic to impress her mentor....and that's it. And yet it's that simple nature in her design and purpose is what made her the talk of the fanbase, nearly unifying such a divided entitity as the Sonic fanbase in one rallying cry: MAKE HER CANON.

This is my attempt at making a hybrid version of her costume, with a bit of Modern Eggman thrown in for good measure. In an attempt of making her menacing like her Uncle, I made her a bit more manic and grotesque than other people....and apparently, that meant I drew her like a character from The Kids Next Door.

Maybe I'll do beter next time.

Eggette/Eggatha/Omlette is (C) Alpha Gamboa (until he finds a way to sell that character to SEGA)


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here's a petition to bring your favourite characters, like sally acorn and the freedom fighter in the IDW comic series. would you like to put your support on petition, to bring back the freedom fighters into the IDW comic series, by any chance?…
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Thanks so much for the fave! =D
C-Abdulio Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2016  Student Digital Artist
You deserve it! You did such a great job on that cover and that one is my favorite of the variants. In fact, I already owned that issue and I bought it again, just for that cover :D
ElainaUnger Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Aw that's so rad!! Thank you so much!
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Thanks but no thanks :no:
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